Baja 500 Pre-Party and Contingency with H12:One



There is nothing quite like the roaring of the motorcycle, truck and buggy engines at a Baja


race. And no one knows this better than the kids at Casa Esperanza. Before each Baja race


team H12:One brings Bochito, the champion of the ministry, to receive the handprints of the


kids to push it along the rugged course, prayers for a safe race and photos ops. On June


2nd the festivities began for the 2016 Baja 500.




This time around we were joined by Mooch racing and the children of Mount of Olives


Children's Village. We made our own race cars, ate Bochito cake, and ended by praying for


the safety of the little buggy who could and Team H12:One drivers and chase members.






June 4th dawned early, bright and warm, and started in the usual way. Long lines of race


trucks and buggies waiting for their moment in the sun. Mobs of spectators strolling among


the competitors to take a look, receive stickers and buy refreshments and t-shirts from


venders. Everyone wants a piece of the action. At Casa, once you are old enough to follow


directions and stick together, or if your mom comes along, you get to join the fray and walk


alongside Bochito through the streets of downtown Ensenada to the podium where Bochito


and Team H12:One are introduced and their mission to raise funds for our ministry is


explained to the audience.




After a long hot day we head back to the casa where night falls and visions of the little black


race buggy dance in the heads of the children that we love so much.




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