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Praise Report



May 2018 Praise Report:



God's time has come!


Mi Casa Esperanza Inc. is an official U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit. We have been praying over and working on this next step for Casa Esperanza for the past couple of years. It was a long and hard process but just when we really needed the non-profit status the approval came in the mail from the IRS. God is Great and His timing is Perfect! We now have the ability to accept donations made out to Mi Casa Esperanza Inc. and they will be deposited directly into our U.S. bank account. We have a Board of Directors made up of individuals who have all been serving Casa Esperanza for at least 5 years. We will be looking at the financial needs of the Casa and developing a budget to determine what kind of fundraising efforts we need to get underway. For more information about donating you can send us an email at or contact Kathy Sanders at (909) 753-8239. Many who have served at Casa Esperanza have expressed a desire to support us financially and that desire has finally become a reality. We will be updating our webpage so that you can make donations directly from the website.



New Prayer Requests:



June 1, 2018 


Mamas and babies


We have been asking our faithful prayer warriors to pray for several of our mothers and their children in specific ways. We have a young mom with a new son named Luke who was born on April 15th. Please pray that she would continue her counseling, and her care for her son. Also that she would come to know Jesus. We have a new 17 year old mom who is almost 8 months pregnant and has just started pre-natal care. She has no parental guidance and is very immature. Please pray for wisdom for Yazmin as she comes alongside, and for the mom to grow in discipline and maturity as she hears about Jesus. We have a mom of one teenage child who will be leaving Casa at the end of June. Please pray that she will have a place to go since she has not invested the time in planning for  the two of them while they were at Casa. We have another mom of  three who will be leaving at the end of June as well due to the inappropriate behavior of one of the children. She has been unwilling to work with her child. Please pray that she would turn to the Lord before she leaves and for His guidance now and when they go.


Lastly, but certainly not least, Gabby, Gabriel and Jonathan are expecting an addition to the Aguilar family. We expect to welcome a new little brother or sister for Jonathan in early January. Gabby is on bed rest for at least the first trimester which is over a month away. Not an easy task with a busy two year old. Please be praying for Gabby and baby's health, for extra help at home and with ministry duties, and for rest and patience for Gabriel as he picks up the extra load. And, of coarse, join us in praising God for this answer to prayer! 






Casa Esperanza Maneadero, is extremely grateful for all those that have blessed us in many ways. There will never be enough 'Thank yous' to express our gratitude for God's provision through those that God has used to provide for our needs.


"Let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your Hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace.  And always be THANKFUL!"  Col 3:15




Team H12:One


Race to Win, Race with a Purpose...



For a mother and her children their path can be a lonely path; their path can be a violent path; their path can leave them feeling stranded with no hope and no support; their path can be filled with more mountains to climb than they feel they are able to climb.  


But their victory will come as they seek the purpose for their lives and walk that path with faith. Their victory will come as the Lord restores their strength, not to avoid the towering mountains, but to conquer them. A day will come when they will finish their race and hear the words, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." Thank you Casa Esperanza for helping in the restoration of Faith, Trust and Love in the women who seek refuge within your walls. 


Team H12:One is the result of a dream and a vision. In 1996 founder Dennis Hollenbeck stood in a dry riverbed and watched the cars, trucks and buggies of the Baja 500 race by and he was hooked. Now, some 16 years later, there is hope for this spectator to take his dream to the next level. H12:One is a small Class 11 VW sedan that will be racing in two of the most legendary races that exist, the Baja 500 and the Baja 1,000. As we run this race we will be racing for the staff, mothers and children of Mi Casa Esperanza. This is their car, and it will be the handprints of the children on the back of it that will push us through every mile that we conquer.


Team H12:One will not only race to bring awareness to Mi Casa Esperanza, but also to raise funds for them via a MileAthon. If you wish to participate in the MileAthon please refer to the links provided. You can like us on Facebook, and there will be fundraising links there. You can get more information about H12:One or the car on our website at . If you wish to become a participating part of the team, please contact Dennis Hollenbeck at


As we race, our path can often be a lonely one, and it can also be a violent path. We can find ourselves broken down and stranded with no hope of help or support, and yes, at times more mountains than we believe we can climb. But, we will race, we will race for Mi Casa Esperanza.



Team H12:One is a ministry outreach through Real Life Ministries of Mexico.

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