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Praise Report



April 2014 Praise Report:



We were so blessed the last week of April, first week of May!


A group came from Bethel Lutheran Church in Ferguson Falls, Minnesota and answered our long time prayer request by building us a chapel. The group worked their hearts out in the extreme heat. When they arrived there was only a concrete slab. They purchased all of the materials and started right in. They framed and sheeted the walls with plywood and had them raised and the roof on by Tuesday. Asphalt shingle roofing was put on, windows installed, lathe and stucco on the outside. Electricity was run on the inside for outlets, lights and ceiling fans. Strong front double doors with a light above them were also installed and on Friday we dedicated our chapel to the Lord. There are just not enough words to say thank you for all of the hard work and sacrifice that went into this project. But a special thank you for sharing our vision, as seen in the Old Testament, of building a temple to the Lord in each new land the Israelites entered. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to honor our Lord in our home. See the photos under Groups/ Bethel Lutheran Church 4/14.



Additionally, we received a huge blessing of food and supplies from Game On Logistics from Pomona, California. When the freezer and shelves were almost bare, they showed up with their friends from Rancho San Marcos from Ensenada, in a huge pick-up truck pulling a big trailer loaded with food and supplies for several ministries in our area. Game On stands for God's Abundance Meeting Each Others Needs, and as usual, God's timing was perfect. Thank you Chris Wilson and Moises Castillo and your groups for blessing us!


New Prayer Requests:


Please join us in praying for a van to replace the 13-15 passenger van we are currently using. It is on it's last breathe. We are also praying for a way to purchase new industrial washing machines, 20-30 lbs capacity. These machines would allow us to reduce the amount of water we are using as well as the number of loads it takes to get our laundry done.


Casa Esperanza Maneadero, is extremely grateful for all those that have blessed us in many ways. There will never be enough 'Thank yous' to express our gratitude for God's provision through those that God has used to provide for our needs.


"Let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your Hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace.  And always be THANKFUL!"  Col 3:15




Team H12:One


Race to Win, Race with a Purpose...



For a mother and her children their path can be a lonely path; their path can be a violent path; their path can leave them feeling stranded with no hope and no support; their path can be filled with more mountains to climb than they feel they are able to climb.  


But their victory will come as they seek the purpose for their lives and walk that path with faith. Their victory will come as the Lord restores their strength, not to avoid the towering mountains, but to conquer them. A day will come when they will finish their race and hear the words, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." Thank you Casa Esperanza for helping in the restoration of Faith, Trust and Love in the women who seek refuge within your walls. 


Team H12:One is the result of a dream and a vision. In 1996 founder Dennis Hollenbeck stood in a dry riverbed and watched the cars, trucks and buggies of the Baja 500 race by and he was hooked. Now, some 16 years later, there is hope for this spectator to take his dream to the next level. H12:One is a small Class 11 VW sedan that will be racing in two of the most legendary races that exist, the Baja 500 and the Baja 1,000. As we run this race we will be racing for the staff, mothers and children of Mi Casa Esperanza. This is their car, and it will be the handprints of the children on the back of it that will push us through every mile that we conquer.


Team H12:One will not only race to bring awareness to Mi Casa Esperanza, but also to raise funds for them via a MileAthon. If you wish to participate in the MileAthon please refer to the links provided. You can like us on Facebook, and there will be fundraising links there. You can get more information about H12:One or the car on our website at . If you wish to become a participating part of the team, please contact Dennis Hollenbeck at


As we race, our path can often be a lonely one, and it can also be a violent path. We can find ourselves broken down and stranded with no hope of help or support, and yes, at times more mountains than we believe we can climb. But, we will race, we will race for Mi Casa Esperanza.



Team H12:One is a ministry outreach through Real Life Ministries of Mexico.

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