Take the I-5 or I-15 South through San Diego to US/Tijuana Border


Directions:  US/Tijuana Border to Ensenada


1.    Upon arriving at the border, you will pass through a customs booth. When the light in your lane turns green pull forward. If the customs officers want to check your vehicle further they will have you pull forward into a parking spot. As you clear the customs area, stay to the far right and follow the signs that indicate HWY 1 PLAYAS DE TIJUANA   ROSARITO/ENSENADA.



2.    Follow along Hwy 1; the border fence will be on your right side. You will see a sign that says ROSARITO ENSENADA SCENIC ROAD. After the sign you will go down a hill and come to a Y in the road. You will stay to the right following HWY 1 ENSENADA CUOTA.



3.  The road will go up a hill and at the top you will see a sign that says 1 ROSARITO ENSENADA with an arrow pointing to the left. Next you will see a sign that says BIENVENIDOS AUTOPISTA ESCENICA, WELCOME TO THE SCENIC HIGHWAY. Stay to the left.




4.     You will pass through 3 toll booths, each charging approximately $2.50 US. The third toll booth (approx. 50 mins.) is a military checkpoint. Put your windows down and remove sunglasses. As you pass through the third toll booth stay in the right lane. In several miles the road will split in two. You need to be in the far right lane. Follow the signs that say HWY 1 ENSENADA, PUERTO-HARBOR.




5.      You will pass through the congested tourist section (Blvd. Lazaro Cardenas.) As you do, you will pass the Plaza de las Tres Cabezas, three large gold  head statues and a huge Mexican flag (on the right, the water side.) Even if the flag is not up you can't miss the pole, it’s huge. About 4-5 blocks past the flag pole watch for a PEMEX gas station on the left at a stop signal. Turn left at the light (Gnrl Augustin Sanguin.) Go straight on this road two blocks until you reach the SORIANA superstore on the right corner. The street sign says HWY 1, SAN QUINTIN and LA BUFADORA. Turn right onto Ave. Reforma. Continue on this road for about 20 minutes.




6.      You will see a sign that says LA BUFADORA with an arrow pointing right (this is Baja California 23 but the sign doesn't say so.)  Slow down because the sign is right on the corner where you are going to turn. There is a CALIMAX on this corner (Rt side.) You will go through one stop sign. Follow this road until you see a OXXO gas station on the right side. Put your left turn signal on and turn left down the dirt road just passed the OXXO. (8/29/13 - There is major road construction going on right now. You can only go left on this dirt road.) You will see a sign for VIVA ORGANICA on the dirt road you are turning onto.




7.     Continue on the dirt road until you have reached the second dirt intersection. You will see another sign for VIVA ORGANICA. Turn right and Casa Esperanza is the first house on the left side. Pull into the gate and park in the front gravel parking area. Please do not pull around to the back of the house on the patio side. We have a lot of little people running and playing there.





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