Municipal Police are Blessed by Their Visit to Casa


April 29, 2016 was a day of anticipation and trepidation. The local police came for a visit with


a clown, activities for the kids, and a shared meal. But how does it feel as a child to 


anticipate the arrival of the people they associate with violence in their homes? These are


the people who show up when things get out of control and very scary. Children in Mexico


and all over the world are told by angry parents that the police are bad and they will take you


to jail.












What our children learned today was that the police are the people they can count on to


protect them and help them when they have a problem. They are regular people like you and


me who have comitted their lives to serving others.






What the Policia Municipal learned today was that at Casa Esperanza we may not have much


but we have hearts that are filled with the love of Jesus and open to accept and bless


others. Thank you to all of the officers and staff who came out to spend some time with us at


Casa Esperanza. You blessed us greatly!

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